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If you have already contacted us on Discord, please provide your Discord username so we know if we already had contact with you there.

Note on Reply Times

We are doing our best to reply in a timely manner, but as you might have guessed: we literally get messages every minute of the day. Also, the core team is usually online during our business hours only, which makes timely responses on weekends a bit more challenging.

This means, if you don't get a reply within a few hours, please wait for at least two days until we get back to you. We will definitely get back to you, it just takes a while to process all the messages we get on all channels.

Thank you for your understanding!

Support Form

If you have any question about your order, technical issues, bulk purchase requests or similar, please use the support form. You can also write us directly over email - please check the emails below and write your inquiry to the correct email. Thank you!

Technical Support

If you have technical questions or issues with your Hotspot, please write us an email to

Always let us know the MAC address of your device! Otherwise, we cannot help you. You can find out the MAC address by logging into your hotspot backend.

For questions about your order or other sales inquiries, please write to the right emails, NOT to tech support. We will ignore any non-tech related emails that we get here.

Order Support

If you have questions about your order, please write us an email to

Sales Inquiries

If you want to purchase bulk amounts or want to partner up with us as a distributor or affiliate, please write us an email to


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Please don't use our Discord for order support or sales inquiries! Use the emails provided above.

Pre-Orders for Batch 3 launching soon.

We will be opening up Pre-orders for Batch 3 starting at some day next week, between Sep. 13 2021 and Sep. 19 2021. We will NOT publish the date and time beforehand for obvious reasons.

Oh, and as we have your attention now, we would like to raise our glasses for a second and make a toast:

As most of you already know, we have now finished our successful launch campaign for Batch 1 and 2 through our waitlist. Although it was quite an amount of work to manage all pre-orders, inquiries and messages in the last couple of weeks, the effort was worth it: the pre-orders were very organized, our server infrastructure was rock-stable and we got amazing feedback from the community.

So we just want to let you know: thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your compliments and feedback, and for joining and especially trusting us on this incredible journey! We know that trust is everything in this space. It’s amazing to see that our work pays off and you honestly believe in us. So again: Thank you for having you on board. You are amazing.

See you next week!

PS: don’t hestiate to write us in our Discord if you have questions, feedback or other ideas!

Join the movement!

Please fill out the form to reserve your first-class seats and be the first to know when Controllino Hotspots goes into sale. Everyone who entered the waitlist until 25th August 2021 will be considered in Batch #1. If you enter after this date, your seats will be reserved for Batch #2 and above.

Please try to avoid and emails if possible, as they tend to cause mail delivery problems.
Please enter the amount of Hotspots you'd like to buy.

Current Status

This chart gets updated daily – last update was on September 7th 2021 at 1:30 AM (Berlin Time). Please note: some people drop out of the waitlist or don’t place their order timely. If you have luck, you can still land in one of the earlier Batches. The earlier you enter, the better.

Batch #1 (3.000 Pieces - Mid October 2021)
Full 100%
Batch #2 (4.000 Pieces - End December 2021)
Full 100%
Batch #3 (3.000 Pieces - End January 2022)
Full 100%
Batch #4 (20.000 Pieces - May 2022)
Batch #5 (25.000 Pieces - July 2022)
Well available 0%
Batch #6 (25.000 Pieces - August 2022)
Well available 0%