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Chances are high we already have an answer for you. We collect most of the questions we get every day and put it on our FAQ page. Please read it carefully before writing to support and see if your question is already answered.


Everyone who joined the waitlist prior to September 2021 got an email notification for our Batch 1 and 2 pre-orders. If you haven’t had the chance to get on the waitlist, you can pre-order publicly from Batch 3B (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK! Will be restocked if people cancel orders, check the website regularly).

We ship out our Hotspot in several batches. Here’s a short overview when shipment starts:

  • OUT OF STOCK – Batch 1: 28th October 2021 (all 3000 Hotspots from Batch 1 will be shipped out during roughly 2 weeks)
  • OUT OF STOCK – Batch 2: December 2021
  • OUT OF STOCK – Batch 3: December 2021
  • ORDER POSSIBLE SOON – Batch 4 and above: April 2022

We currently take SEPA payments (bank transfer), credit card and Sofortüberweisung (Klarna). If you want to pay in HNT, please contact us to arrange a payment. Other crypto payments are currently not possible.

Please keep in mind that large credit card payments can often fail, so if you plan to purchase more than 1 or 2 hotspots, use SEPA bank payment as payment option.

€14,90 for all European customers. We will ship your hotspot with DHL.

No, if you are from an EU country. We produce and ship our devices from Austria, which is an EU country.

Yes. If you have a valid Tax ID (VAT ID) within EU, tax is deducted automatically at the last page of the checkout.

If you paid on time as stated in the pre-order emails you got, you don’t have anything to worry. We check our bank accounts several times per week and will update your order status from “On Hold” to “Processing” as soon as we received your payment. You can check your order status here. It sometimes just takes a bit longer than expected to recieve funds, especially for larger amounts. If you want to feel extra-safe, feel free to write us an email with your payment confirmation so that we know that your payment is on the way.

Yes. If you want to refund your pre-order before final delivery, please let us know and we will refund it immediately. For SEPA payments, you will get 100% of the refund value. For credit card and Klarna payments, you will get the refund value minus transaction fees that were applied on purchase and refund.

More details can be read in our refund policy.

Our first batches are 868 MHz and our hotspots are CE certified, meaning we take pre-orders in Europe as well as in some other countries that use 868MHz spectrum and comply with CE standards.

Currently, we are not allowed to take pre-orders for US or other non-EU customers as long as our FCC certification process is done. As soon as we are ready to pre-order for other regions, we will let you know! In general, non-EU pre-orders will be possible from Batch 4 and above.

Hotspot Specs

Controllino Hotspot will cost €499 excl VAT.

  • Controllino Hotspot (EU 868 MHz Version)
  • 2.2dBi LoRa 868MHz Antenna (SMA Male, can be upgraded)
  • Power Supply with 5.5mm Industrial-grade DC Connector
  • Quickstart Manual

Yes, any antenna with SMA Connector will work.

Unfortunately no, but you can use a PoE Splitter / Injector if you need PoE. For Controllino Hotspot V2, we plan to add it natively.

Ethernet only, but WiFi hardware is built-in and will be activated later.

This is because FCC/CE Regulations are way more intensive, longer-lasting and complicated if multiple frequencies (like WiFi, Bluetooth and LoRa) overlap. That’s why we decided to deactivate WiFi on our Hotspots until we have legally cleared this certification part, to be able to ship our hotspots faster and don’t delay shipments. The hardware is still built-in, but disabled by software. We will activate WiFi over an OTA Update as soon as this part of the certification is cleared and as soon as we get a lawful okay to post-certify devices, which is probably by End of October 2021.

If WiFi is a must-have feature, you can always use small WiFi routers connected to our Hotspot over Ethernet to externally supply WiFi connectivity for now.

We aim to offer a dashboard to check stats of your hotspot until End of October 2021. Every hotspot will get an OTA update as soon as we have released the dashboard feature, and we will send you instructions on how to access it over the email you used in your purchase.

Our hardware was not certified for outdoor use, which means you shouldn’t put it naked out in the wild. However, there are cheap electronics enclosures available at most hardware or home appliances stores that you can use to make the Hotspot outdoor-ready. Also, you can place the Hotspot indoors, while moving the antenna outdoors, with an antenna cable.

Our Hotspot is a Full Hotspot. You ean HNT for Proof of Coverage and Packet Transfer, as all other hotspots currently available on the market.

Pre-Orders for Batch 3 launching soon.

We will be opening up Pre-orders for Batch 3 starting at some day next week, between Sep. 13 2021 and Sep. 19 2021. We will NOT publish the date and time beforehand for obvious reasons.

Oh, and as we have your attention now, we would like to raise our glasses for a second and make a toast:

As most of you already know, we have now finished our successful launch campaign for Batch 1 and 2 through our waitlist. Although it was quite an amount of work to manage all pre-orders, inquiries and messages in the last couple of weeks, the effort was worth it: the pre-orders were very organized, our server infrastructure was rock-stable and we got amazing feedback from the community.

So we just want to let you know: thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your compliments and feedback, and for joining and especially trusting us on this incredible journey! We know that trust is everything in this space. It’s amazing to see that our work pays off and you honestly believe in us. So again: Thank you for having you on board. You are amazing.

See you next week!

PS: don’t hestiate to write us in our Discord if you have questions, feedback or other ideas!

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Please fill out the form to reserve your first-class seats and be the first to know when Controllino Hotspots goes into sale. Everyone who entered the waitlist until 25th August 2021 will be considered in Batch #1. If you enter after this date, your seats will be reserved for Batch #2 and above.

Please try to avoid and emails if possible, as they tend to cause mail delivery problems.
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Current Status

This chart gets updated daily – last update was on September 7th 2021 at 1:30 AM (Berlin Time). Please note: some people drop out of the waitlist or don’t place their order timely. If you have luck, you can still land in one of the earlier Batches. The earlier you enter, the better.

Batch #1 (3.000 Pieces - Mid October 2021)
Full 100%
Batch #2 (4.000 Pieces - End December 2021)
Full 100%
Batch #3 (3.000 Pieces - End January 2022)
Full 100%
Batch #4 (20.000 Pieces - May 2022)
Batch #5 (25.000 Pieces - July 2022)
Well available 0%
Batch #6 (25.000 Pieces - August 2022)
Well available 0%