Shipping End Dates Information for Batch 2, 3, 3B & 3C

Hi from Controllino, First of all, we wish you a good start into the year 2022. We are definitely excited for it, and we have a large list of improvements and new products coming this year. We have learned tons of stuff from 2021 and there were ups and downs. The Helium road can be […]

Controllino Hotspot V2 is available for pre-order!

The last months, we got lots of feedback on what we could improve for our next iteration of Controllino Hotspot. That’s why we worked hard to implement features that our community requested. But let’s don’t speak too much – please see for yourself: Click here to check out the new product! More details and announcements […]

Fix for Full SD Cards

Hi everyone! We recently had a bunch of hotspots that got full SD cards and weren’t cleaned automatically, which is usually the case. We have talked to the Helium developer team now to know how to mitigate these cases. We have now released a script to every hotspot that will automatically clean up the SD […]

Info on Firmware 2.0 and Dashboard 1.06

Deployment of Firmware 2.0 is starting very soon (6PM UTC). Just a reminder to keep your devices connected to Ethernet tonight, thank you! Here’s some information on this release. Bug Fixes for Device Firmware 2.0 “Wrong Wallet Adress” error for QR Code onboarding: This error is now fixed and wallet adress can be read correctly. […]

Firmware 2.0 Update today

Hi everyone! We are now doing our last tests before deployment of Firmware 2.0 – please keep your miners plugged in and connected to Ethernet today, update is planned in the time between 6PM and 11PM UTC today. Firmware 2.0, as already mentioned, is fixing lots of the errors some users had in the last […]

Firmware 2.0 Launch

We are currently preparing the release of our Firmware 2.0, which integrates lots of new check-up and monitoring scripts to mitigate all issues that several people had in the last few days, like the “Wrong Wallet Adress” error, Dashboards that shut themselves down, and more. If you already wrote us an email in the last […]

Miner Stability Improvements

The larger our fleet gets, the more errors we are able to identify that cause instability to Helium’s miner software – this makes our miners more optimized and reliable over time. Some users were still experiencing sync problems or hanging miner software due to a misconfigured configuration file that should be there to increase sync […]

Dashboard 1.02 Release Announcement

We released an update to our Dashboard today, your miners should now be on Version 1.02 Fixes For users who got the dashboard via OTA update, it can sometimes happen that the dashboard shuts itself off after a while. The cause for it was found and looks fixed in v1.02. We will further monitor if […]

Batch 3C will be restocked the next few days!

Hi everyone! First of all, welcome to our first public news post! We feel the need to have a separate news & updates channel besides Discord so that all our customers can be reached easily, especially the one’s who don’t use Discord. Here, we will also post technical updates like miner software updates, dashboard updates, […]